Saturday, 2 April 2022

Stars and Scars — You Be the Judge

TMZ/Getty Composite

The slap that derailed the Oscars is still the talk of Hollywood. So, we gotta ask …

Will Smith Should Have Been Booted From Oscars …

Abso-f******lutely NOT!!!

Chris Rock Should Have Pressed Charges …

For Sure, It Was A Battery
C’mon, It Was Just A Slap

Will’s Instagram Apology To Chris …

Doesn’t Cut It
It Was An Apology, So It’s Fine

Should Chris Accept Will’s Apology?

Yeah, Will Was Sincere
Sorry, Will Attacked Chris, So No

Will’s Anger Was Based On …

Hair Joke
Beef With Chris Over 2016 Oscars

Academy Should …

Expel Him
Suspend Him From Next Year’s Oscars

Chris’s ‘G.I. Jane’ Joke About Jada …

Really Offensive
Nah, It Was Just A Joke

Will Smith Will Recover From This …

Of Course He Will
Nope, It’s Damaged His Career

I’m Still A Will Fan …


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