Monday, 4 April 2022

Paul McCartney Lyric Sheet for Beatles' 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' Up for Sale

Paul McCartney ‘Silver Hammer’ Lyrics Up For Sale … Yours for $450,000!!!
4/4/2022 12:50 AM PT

There’s a quizzical piece of Beatles memorabilia hitting the market … and these handwritten lyrics from Paul McCartney are worth way more than silver.

The working lyric sheet for the Beatles’ 1969 hit, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” is going up for sale … and the folks at Moments in Time are putting the price tag at a whopping $450,000.

Paul wrote the first page of lyrics on a sheet of paper with letterhead for Apple Corps Limited, the multimedia corporation Beatles members founded way back in 1968 in London.

There are three pages total, and the other two were written by Mal Evans … the band’s former road manager and personal assistant.

The “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” lyrics are a hell of a treasure … they were last put on the open market back in 2006, selling for $192,000. Now, a private collector is looking to unload them for more than double the price.

The track is Paul’s first song on the Beatles’ famous “Abbey Road” album … Paul wrote the lyrics after the band’s trip to India in 1968, and he initially wanted to record it for the ‘White Album.’

Fun fact … John Lennon once referred to the song as “Paul’s granny music.”

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