Saturday, 2 April 2022

FOX News Interviews Ukrainian President Zelensky – Edits Out Him Responding to Azov Battalion Atrocities “They Are What They Are”

We first reported on the Azov Battalion in Ukraine months ago.  This group of Neo-Nazis is known for atrocities in Ukraine.  President Zelensky’s response to a question about the group was edited from the interview by FOX News. 
Brett Baier at FOX News asked President Zelensky about the Azov Battalion and whether the group was killing Russian POW’s.  This question is in the video below.

Bret Baier asked Zelensky about Azov Battalion’s shooting of Russian POWs.
Zelensky’s answer? “They are what they are.”
Zelensky also claims that some were prosecuted after 2014 and given prison sentences. He doesn’t mention that those convictions were overturned.
— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) April 2, 2022

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It was an interesting question.  However, Zelensky’s response was so bad that FOX removed it from the video displayed later of the interview.   The Conservative Treehouse reported:

The question was asked during an interview between Brett Baier and Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday evening.  However, you will not find this segment on the rebroadcast of the interview at Fox News [Website Here] they took it out.  You will also not find this segment on the Fox News upload of the interview to their YouTube account [See Here] again, they took it out.
In fact, if someone had not uploaded a livestream copy to Rumble {Direct Link Here} there would be no other evidence the question was even asked, let alone the very flippant answer from Zelenskyy, “they are what they are“; where “they” is the neoNazi Azov battalion that have been merged with the Ukraine regular military.

Below is some information we published previously on the Azov Battilion.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Friends in Ukraine Include the Neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” Known for Brutal Attacks on Immigrants, Gypsies and Transvestites (VIDEO – Warning Violent)

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