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Mike Berk Spotted Filming After Breakup with Ximena Cuellar

Even before viewers watched Ximena complain about “piggish” Mike Berk on screen, we knew that they had split.
Ximena is many things. Subtle on social media is not one of them.
However, there have now been multiple reports of Mike filming again.
The latest, on the heels of Mike’s racist posts being exposed, say that Mike was spotted filming in New York.

An inside source tells In Touch Weekly that Mike Berk has “started filming” a new season of one show or the other of the 90 Day Fiance franchise.
“Mike was spotted shooting a scene in New York with his friend Nelcy,” the insider detailed.
This could be anything from wrapping up another season of Before The 90 Days to filming for 90 Day: The Single Life.

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar, also known as Ximena Morales, were in a long-distance relationship.
On Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, we watched the two of them meet for the very first time.
Despite the language barrier and some awkward moments, it was a very sweet story … at first.

Like any couple who is meeting for the first time, there were some rough moments.
Ximena should have been more honest. Mike had issues that he needed to work on.
But before he left Colombia that first time, Mike proposed to Ximena. They became engaged.

Mike returned to New York as a fiance.
He set about getting ready to take the next step with Ximena, including seeing an attorney about paperwork so that they could be together.
But something changed while he was away.

Mike returned to Colombia to prepare for their wedding, but Ximena was like a new person.
She was sullen and petulant — which would be understandable from a teenager, but bizarre from a 24-year-old mother of two.
She didn’t meet him at the airport. She didn’t want to sleep with him. She clearly resented his presence.

All of that is already a weird way to “welcome” your fiance.
Ximena took things a step further after the couple shopped for wedding dresses.
She asked him why he was willing to buy her a wedding dress — but hadn’t given her the money to pay for a breast augmentation.

Ximena gave Mike an ultimatum: she wouldn’t “let” him buy her a wedding dress until she got her boob job.
Mike suggested that he was open to it as a result.
But things did not stop there, as Ximena explained that she had no desire to sleep with Mike because he is “weird.”

Mike was understandably heartbroken by this, and admitted to producers that he felt like going home.
Speaking to the camera, not even Ximena could explain her change of heart.
She was so happy to see Mike last time. Now she wasn’t.

We genuinely believe her when she says that she loved Mike before.
Why? Because, clearly, when she doesn’t like someone, she can’t hide it even a little.
The issue, mainly, was that she felt this way but didn’t break up with Mike. That’s weird to do.

Mike suggested that he and Ximena sit down with his friend, Nelcy, over video chat.
Nelcy is his friend John’s fiancee, and she is fluent in Spanish.
Though Ximena initially claimed that she might not have anything to say, she had a lot to say.

She doesn’t like when Mike looks at her. She doesn’t like that her burps sometimes.
Ximena has previously complained about Mike showering her with affection.
Overall, it sounds less like a list of complaints and more like a situation when you dislike someone, so everything that they do bothers you.

Nelcy even gave Ximena a chance to change her tone, asking her what she liked about Mike.
Instead, Ximena doubled down on listing what she resented about him, calling him “degenerate” and “piggish.”
It’s okay to feel that way about someone … but extremely weird to feel that way about your fiance, let alone to say it.

Nelcy told Mike what he needed to hear — the truth.
Ximena was clearly disgusted by him.
Nelcy advised him that no one deserves to be treated that way, and told him that she hopes that he comes home and stops funding Ximena’s life.

It appears that Mike and Ximena broke off their engagement after that was filmed, but later became re-engaged.
Ximena’s social media activity is not exactly subtle, and she shared what looked like a long-distance proposal to TikTok last year.
It also looks like she got the breast augmentation and tummy tuck that she wanted around June of 2021, though it’s unclear who paid for it.

Then, in early February, there were reports (even some with video to match) of Mike filming in Colombia again.
That seemed a pretty clear indication that they were still together and would appear on a new season.
While that may have been true at the time, everything changed just a couple of weeks later.

After Ximena leaked a photo slideshow of a different man, everything fell apart.
She and Mike are no longer following each other on social media.
It’s clearly over between them, which may be what Mike and Nelcy were filmed discussing in New York: the aftermath of it all.

It’s also very much worth noting that Mike’s old social media posts — some of which involve horrifying racial and homophobic slurs — have come to light.
Yes, the posts are very old, dating back to a time when “edgy” humor was much more common on social media (and in mainstream comedy).
But the use of slurs, coupled with more explicit racist talking points, make it hard to find enough of a punchline to even consider these to be “jokes.”
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