Tuesday, 8 March 2022

David Murphey: I

More than a year ago, it was widely rumored that Lana had dropped David Murphey and that they’d both moved on.
At that time, many 90 Day Fiance fans half-joked that David was scouring Ukraine for his next girlfriend.
Right now, the Ukrainian people are living in a war zone, and more than 2 million have escaped since Russia began the invasion.
David, an American, has shared that he is seeking to join the Ukrainian military in this fight.

David Murphey took to Instagram with his first post since January.
The reality TV alum, who counts among the wealthiest 90 Day Fiance cast members in the show’s history, spoke about the war.
He has lost contact with friends who live there, and can only hope that they are safe without being able to find out for sure.

David revealed that he has submitted an application to fight on behalf of the country that he has grown to love against its brutal invaders.
“I have applied to the Ukraine embassy to become a foreign fighter in Ukraine,” he shared.
“I don’t know the details yet,” David admitted, detailing: “I haven’t had the interview.”

“I’ve been planning around this right now,” David revealed to his followers.
“Last week I dumped a house on the market, one of the houses I have,” he noted.
“I’m prepared to fight,” David shared, “but I don’t know if that’s exactly how they would use me.”

“They’ll use me in any way they’d need based on the resume I submitted,” David predicted.
“I do have prior military experience,” he acknowledged.
“I was [an] expert with grenade and rifle and special weapons training,” David added. “So, we’ll see how it goes.”

Like the rest of us, David has witnessed the bombings, the slaughter, and the devastation in Ukraine.
Just this week, it was revealed that the “safe” corridor agreed upon to allow Ukrainian civilians to flee had been mined by the Russian military.
“It sickens me, the videos that I see, that I watch,” David expressed.

 David remarked that it is particularly painful “knowing that I used to drive through those places or walk through those places.”
“And now,” he noted, “I see them in ruins.”
The destruction has been thoroughly captured and shared on social media, making this grim invasion one of the most documented conflicts in world history.

Over the past two decades, David shared, he has been more than just a tourist in Ukraine.
He has spent a year and a half of his life in the sovereign nation.
In those 18 months, he developed an affection for and a strong connection to Ukraine and its people.

Like the rest of the world, he fears seeing it become nothing more than a sattelite state for an increasingly unstable madman.
Russia continues to bombard residential areas, replacting tactics with terror to crush the hope of the Ukrainian people.
We are all looking for ways in which the world can help without igniting World War III. Perhaps this is David’s.

Some have naturally wondered if Lana — who is believed to have been in Kyiv when the invasion began — factored into David’s courage.
He clarified on Instagram that, as most of us were already aware, he and Lana have both moved on.
This week, Lana shared that she is still in Ukraine and trying to remain safe. We wish her and tens of millions of others the very best.
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